Mode of Pheromones action | Releaser and Primer pheromone action

Mode of pheromone action:-

Normally, pheromones work by following methods –

1.  By olfaction – Pheromones in humans and insects, produce attraction in between opposite-sex due to odor.

– This pheromone is spread by air, So the stimulation occurs which simulate a specific behavior in the organism of opposite sex.

2.  By ingestion – (alpha) a-keto decanoic acid is released by mandibular glands of the queen bee, which is eaten by worker bee. Due to eating, this development of ovary in the worker bee.

3.  By contact – Absorption of pheromones is occurred by the body. Example- Desert’s male grasshopper secretes a secretion and which is absorbed by the body of nymph which increases the rate of growth and metamorphosis.

Pheromones work by two types –

A.  Releaser pheromone effect –  This type of pheromones directly effects and stimulates the nervous system due to this, they produce a changeable change in the behavior of an organism and it’s called releaser pheromone effect. This is of following types-

1. Sex attractant pheromones

2.  Whip pheromones

3.  Aggressive pheromones

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B.  Primer pheromone effect – This effects central nervous system and endocrine glands then there is a branch of adjustment starts in the functional or active body by which in animals a specific stimulation changes their behavior. This type of changes in behavior does not occur on the spot.

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