Intravenous and Infusion Therapy

 Intravenous Therapy

  • It is a mode of therapy, So the medications or Liquids are injected into the nerves, By Syringe or IV Infusion
  •  Meaning of Intravenous “Into Veins”.
  • It’s also known as ‘Drip’.
  • It is the most rapid and effectual administered route by which medicines or liquids, So they directly reached to each and every part of the body through the blood.
  •  Medicines or liquids given by syringe or also by IV Infusion.
Intravenous therapy
Intravenous therapy

Mode of access –

There are 3 ways to access Intravenous Therapy:

A. Peripheral line –

  •  Intravenous therapy is done by inserting a plastic tube into peripheral veins, So medications can reach to the bloodstream.
  • Peripheral veins are present in Arms, Hands, Legs and also in Feets.
  • This is also known the most commonly used Therapy to treat diseases.
Peripheral inserted central catheter
   Peripheral line

  B. Central lines –

  • Intravenous therapy is done by insert a catheter into central lines, So they can treat diseases by medications.
  • They are present below the collarbone (around the neck, and also around chest).
  •  There are 3 types of central lines:

PICC (Peripheral inserted central catheter) –

  • Firstly they injected into the nerve which is present under the arm, So they can make a way.
  •  Then it shifted into the larger nerve (of the central part of the body).
  • This nerve is present above the heart.
Peripheral inserted central catheter
Peripheral inserted central catheter

2. Tunneled catheter –

  • A plastic tube inserted into the chest below the collarbone via the skin similarly like PICC.
Tunneled catheter
                    Tunneled catheter

3. Implanted port –

  • This is a device which is placed under the chest skin ( on the right side).
  • Port is attached to a plastic tube, which is shifted into a large vein known as Super vena-cava.
  •  A needle is inserted into the port through the skin, So they can take out the blood and give medicines or liquids.
Implanted port
Implanted port

C. Midline Catheter –

  •  It is a device which is usually injected in an upper arm nerve.
Midline Catheter

What is Infusion and its Types


  • In which a small plastic tube is injected into nerves.
  • A plastic tube is connected to a plastic bag of drugs or liquids, So it’s called an IV Infusion.

There are 3 types of Infusion:

1. Continuous Infusion

  •  In this type of Infusion, an organization of medicines is provided into blood nerves or bloodstream.
  • This occurs continuously, therefore this process works without interruption for several days.

2. Secondary IV (Intravenous)

  •  It’s also called ‘Piggyback medication’.
  •  In this type of Infusion, Medicines or fluids are given in a small amount for a fixed / particular time.
3. IV Push (Intravenous Push)
  •  An injection of medicine, drug, nutrients or fluid is given immediately (within 30 seconds) So that it can work rapidly.
  • A syringe is injected into the plastic tube to serve or inject medication So that the medications can reach to the bloodstream (it’s a one-time dose).

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