Degradable and Non-degradable Pollutants

Degradable and non-degradable pollutants –  

 A.  Degradable – 

– They are excreta, garbage etc. also bio- carbonic substances.
– Which are decompose into the simple compound from the complex.
– These substances are less polluting rather than non-degradable.

– But if the quantity of this pollutant is large, the rate of decomposition decreases and then they pollute the air, water, land, and soil which leads to diseases to humans and other organisms.

B.  Non-degradable  –

– They are aluminum and other metal boxes, broken pieces of plastic,  mercury, arsenic etc. compounds of metals, organic compounds of DDT is the branch of phenolic.

-They cannot be decomposed or their decomposition rate is slow.
 -By water and soil, this substances leads into the body of organisms by the food chain.

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